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Real Estate Appraisers - Appraisals

An appraiser is a person who is licensed in this state (Wisconsin) to provide certified appraisals of the value of real property. The services are provided for a fee.

Are Appraisals required to finalize a divorce?

In order for the court to grant a divorce, does the court need a certified appraisal?

A certified appraisal may not be required, unless the value of property is contested. Spouses can stipulate (agree) to the value of property.

If you question whether you need to obtain an appraisal of your property, real or otherwise, if you are considering a divorce, or if you want to file for divorce or resolve a domestic relations dispute, contact the office of Attorney Kathleen Reiley for a discussion about your situation and how the law will affect you.

This website does not nor does it intend to provide you with legal advice, and no decision could ever be based on a general summary of the definition of an appraisal or the general assumption that an appraisal is not always needed for a divorce action. Every divorce is different, and it is your particular situation and the circumstances of your situation that will determine what you need to do. That type of information cannot be provided here.

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