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Child Support

KIDS Wisconsin Child Support Program

KIDS (Kids Information Data System) is Wisconsin's child support computer network system. In 1999, it processed more than $870 million in support. KIDS assists child support staff with collecting support, establishing paternity, and providing custodial parents with better and faster information.

The KIDS program is an online resource for parents paying and receiving child support. By accessing the KIDS website, you can access an informational screen that will tell you when the last payment was made and dispersed to your account.

The child support collection agency of Wisconsin is a very aggressive agency in pursuing and collecting child support. KIDS automatically produces required court documents, legal notices, payment coupons, account balances, and checks other state data systems for information about parents who do not pay or have stopped paying their child support. Custodial parents may access account information through an interactive voice response telephone system or the website, KIDS Information Line. The KIDS Information Line receives more than 400,000 calls every month.

Child Support Agency Does Not Represent You

The Child Support Program is under the Department of Workforce Development. (Click here to find a Wisconsin child support agency near you.) The agency manages child support accounts with a balance and tracks payments of previously ordered child support obligations. The agency does not provide any party with legal advice.

If you have a child support matter that is being pursued in a court of law, it may be very beneficial for you to speak with a private attorney and to have an attorney present at that hearing.

If you need assistance beyond that which KIDS provides, please contact the law offices of Attorney Kathleen Reiley.

For a listing of all child support agency offices in the state of Wisconsin, please visit Wisconsin Child Support Agency List.

KIDS Information Line
(414) 615-2400 Metro Milwaukee area
(800) 991-5530 Outside the Metro Milwaukee area
(877) 209-5209 TDD
Bureau of Child Support
Content Contact: Minnie Huggs
PO Box 7935
Madison, WI 53707-7935

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