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Collaborative Divorce

The term, "collaborative divorce" is a divorce process in which the parties bind themselves to an agreement not to litigate to resolve any issue in their family law action. The parties agree that they will share financial and other relevant and material information affecting the issues that need to be resolved voluntarily and freely, that they will not resort to (they will not need to resort to) formal discovery, that they will mutually select experts to assist with financial issues and child-related issues, and that if either withdraws from the process, the attorneys must withdraw from representation of their respective clients and the experts may not be used. The information gathered during the process remains confidential. The parties are committed to resolving the issues of the action as completely as possible in a manner that brings the maximum creative power of their team to the resolution of the issues instead of spending time and money on fire power in litigation against one another. The process is not for everyone, but it is magnificent in its possibilities for the couple willing to uncouple collaboratively. Attorney Kathleen Reiley remains her client’s advocate within the context of the process.

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