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2453 Atwood Avenue, Suite 209
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  Contested Divorce

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All divorces that are filed in the courts of the state of Wisconsin are viewed by the courts as being "contested" until all of the issues between the parties are resolved. However, the term "contested divorce" often refers to those divorces in which the parties are not in agreement on some, or all of the issues, or to put it another way, parties who are not of like minds or intentions.

Divorce Litigation

The term "litigation" refers to the entire divorce action, from the moment that an attorney is hired through the end of the divorce proceeding and up and until the time that the final decree is signed and entered into the record. It also includes post judgment actions and enforcement.

However, the term is often used to refer to divorce trials and those proceedings in which the spouses are involved in litigation in court. For information about divorce trials and trial court litigation, please refer to Litigation and Trials in Wisconsin Divorce Actions.

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