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Divorce of Elderly

What happens when you are 83 and your husband announces:

  1. He wants a divorce; and
  2. He is leaving you for a childhood sweetheart(!); and
  3. He tells you to get the house ready to sell, he's moving in with the girl (used lightly here)friend; and
  4. He has the military pension, the greater civil pension and higher social security and he is telling you how much he will give you every month?
  5. You do not sign anything he gives you until you come to see me.

    Divorces are real for people of retirement age. There are more issues such men women face than just property division and spousal support, which is known as maintenance in Wisconsin.

    Their spouse may need a guardian if he or she is found to be incompetent. Pensions are in pay status. There may be an adult child of the marriage or of only one spouse for whom a spouse signed a student loan that is now in collection against the spouse or spouses, depleting the social security of one or both. Each spouse needs to change his or her health care power of attorney and will.

    What if one spouse is in a nursing home?

    What if the spouses have guardianship over a grandchild?

    Divorce is hard for most people, but the clients I have had over the age of 70 or 80, are not only facing the end of a relationship, they are just that much closer to seeing their own end. As with everybody else, perspective, great back up and a sense of humor helps go through divorce and come out the other side. The time we have on this earth matters, the present matters and the person you hire as your family law attorney matters.

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