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Financial Disclosure Form & Statements

When a divorce occurs, the parties petition the court to dissolve the marriage. In the process of dissolving the marriage, the courts either determine the division of the marital property or approve in whole or in part a stipulated agreement to the division of the marital property. That division is based on a fair and equitable split of all of the marital assets, and it considers present and future values, as well as other factors, such as children and family support. Before the court will enter an order to dissolve the marriage, the court requires a financial disclosure statement from both parties. If only one party provides a statement, the court can use that party's statement to determine the division of marital property.

Financial Disclosure Check Lists

For a convenient check list of all of the financial documents that are needed to completed the Financial Disclosure Form, please visit: Financial Disclosure Form Check List.

From this page, you can access a financial disclosure form in PDF, Word, or HTML (website) format. The links will open in a new window and this page will remain available so that you can easily return to the site.

Financial Disclosure Form, PDF Format

Financial Disclosure Form, HTML-based (web page) Format

Financial Disclosure Form, Word Document Format
(Note: the document format may require you to provide your access information; it is looking for your version of Word Doc. You can click cancel).

The information that you provide on that form is certified by you. Your attorney does not certify the financial data, nor the reporting of that data. When you sign the form, you are telling the court that you certify it to be accurate. However, you should provide a copy of the form to your attorney before the date of your last court appearance.

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