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Online Resources

Below are links for a variety of websites which provide useful information and resources.

KIDS (Kids Information Data System)

The Department of Children and Families, the Wisconsin KIDS (Kids Information Data System) program, provides a password-protected area where both parties - the paying parent and the receiving parent - can check on child support payments and balances. Visit them (link opens their site in a new window) at:

Wisconsin Child Support Agency List

To locate a child support agency office near you, please refer to the Wisconsin Child Support Agency list.

Healthcare - Federal “Obamacare” – “ObamaCare”, Affordable Healthcare Act
Healthcare Law - What is New for Individuals & Families

Taxes - IRS - Dependency Claim or Exemption - the IRS's official website.
Dependency Exemption: Form 8332 for claiming the dependency exemption

Domestic Abuse Intervention Services

Wisconsin Domestic Abuse and Intervention Services

In Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Health Department provides resources for Domestic Abuse. See also: Shelters.

Wisconsin Domestic Abuse Programs.

In Ozaukee, Wisconsin, domestic abuse and violence shelter, Ozaukee Shelter

In Racine, Wisconsin, Women's Resource Center.

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, Domestic Violence and Community Domestic Violence Resource Center.

In Jefferson County, Wisconsin, People Against Domestic Violence.

In Southeast Wisconsin, Shelters.

Wisconsin State Bar

Wisconsin State Bar - The Wisconsin State Bar provides numerous links to websites that include information about family law and divorce matters.


Wisconsin Divorce Statistics

Wisconsin Divorces Involving Minor Children

Wisconsin Marriage Statistics

Automobile Values Online - Vehicle Valuations

In a divorce action, both spouses are required to provide the court with a financial disclosure statement. That statement necessarily includes automobiles, recreational vehicles, and real property. For new and used automobile (car, truck & boat) values, you can refer to one of the online resources provided below.


Kelly Blue Book:


Wisconsin Courts

Wisconsin Circuit Courts

Divorce, child custody, paternity, child support, and family maintenance matters are heard in circuit courts in the state of Wisconsin: Wisconsin Circuit Court list.

Wisconsin Public Records


The circuit courts of the state of Wisconsin operate CCAP (pronounced see cap), which displays many court proceedings including divorce actions filed in Wisconsin.

CCAP also displays some civil proceedings, and criminal and traffic offenses being prosecuted by the State of Wisconsin.

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