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What is Paternity?

Historically, adjudication of paternity is the process of establishing that a man is the father of a child in order to establish the paternity, legal custody, physical placement and support of the child.

Parentage of same sex couples is an issue that has not been uniformly or satisfactorily decided by the courts.  It is nevertheless an issue that children are entitled to be resolved for their protection.

When is a paternity issue a problem?

The need for a paternity adjudication can arise in situations where a cohabiting couple decides to split up after residing together with the child in one household, upon the birth of a child where the father may or may not have signed a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity, or in situations where a married woman is pregnant with a child either her spouse or she or another putative father claim is not the husband's child.

In Wisconsin, if the father disputes fatherhood, the court permits the father and the child to submit to a DNA test.

The issues of same sex parentage are complex and you should contact your attorney if you are in a relationship with a child.

Family Law Attorney Kathy Reiley Can Help

Attorney Kathleen Reiley has handled many paternity matters to establish the paternity, legal custody, physical placement and support of a child. To contact Attorney Reiley, please call her office at 414-369-6309 or e-mail her today.

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