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Wisconsin Divorce Lawyer
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WI Divorce Attorney
Attorney Reiley will help
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Family Law & Divorce
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you're at a crossroad for how to proceed...
Helping you move forward
in mediation, cooperation, or even litigation.
Challenges of Divorce
Helping you through...
the challenges of divorce.
30+ years of experience
Litigating, mediating, cooperatively negotiating...
The Emotional Side Of Divorce
Helping you move forward...
through the emotional side of divorce.
Helping you move forward
in mediation, cooperation, or even litigation.
Family Law
Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, Stepparents...
Wisconsin law provides for Visitation Rights
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Attorney Reiley
Attorney Reiley will help guide you
every step of the way.


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Family Law

Family law is a very special area of Wisconsin's legislative body of laws. Broadly speaking, it helps families structure their lives, raise their children and protect their assets.

Family Law


Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution, and a mediator is a person who facilitates the mediation between parties who have a dispute. When the parties form an agreement, the mediator prepares a written draft of the agreement for the parties.


Divorce Law

Divorce is defined by statute as a dissolution of the legal bonds of marriage, but Attorney Kathleen Reiley understands that divorce involves an emotional investment as profound in your life as was your emotional investment in your marriage.

Divorce Law


The common and legal terms used to refer to various types of support can cause confusion. Simply put, Wisconsin law recognizes three types of support payments: Child Support, Family Support, and Mainteance.


Who Is Your Divorce Lawyer?

When you call the law offices of Attorney Kathleen (Kathy) Reiley, you get "Kathy", complete with her outgoing and engaging personality, wonderful sense of humor, straight forward no-nonsense Iowa-bred matter of the fact attitude, courage of a bush pilot, and undeniable caring heart that understands the journey that you have embarked upon in divorce, child custody, support, or domestic contracts and disputes, but without the marble floors or the prices to go with them.

Attorney Reiley

Wisconsin Divorce Attorney

Attorney Kathleen Reiley is a Wisconsin divorce & family Law lawyer with three decades of experience handling every type of divorce action. You can click on the links below to read more information about the types of divorces recognized by Wisconsin Divorce Law and some questions frequently raised with regard to Wisconsin divorce laws such as marital property agreements, or refer to Wisconsin Divorce Law for a comprehensive overview.


Wisconsin Mediation Attorney

Under Wisconsin laws, mediation is recognized as one form of alternative dispute resolution to resolve conflicts including divorce mediation and contract mediation (dispute resolution for people living together). Attorney Kathleen Reiley is an experienced mediator. Whether a person's attorney can be present at the mediation depends upon certain facts. Attorney Reiley can serve as a neutral third party mediator in cases in which she does not represent the parties, or she can prepare clients to go to mediation.


Child Custody

The legal custody and physical placement of a child are often times referred to as "custody" in general, however, legal custody, physical placement and visitation have different meanings under the law. The overview about legal custody, placement and visitation explains some of these differences. Custody will be an issue that must be resolved in any divorce with children.


Grandparents' Visitation Rights

Attorney Kathleen Reiley has also helped many grandparents invoke their grandparents' visitation rights by establishing visitation orders.

Grandparents' Visitation


The term, "collaborative divorce" is a divorce process in which the parties bind themselves to an agreement not to litigate to resolve any issue in their family law action.

Collaborative divorce

Paternity Actions

Adjudication of paternity is the process of determining that a man is the father of a child in order to establish the paternity, legal custody, physical placement and support of the child with an enforceable judgment as the end result. Paternity adjudication is sometimes referred to as a paternity action or paternity suit. The need for a paternity adjudication can arise whether the couple is married and divorcing or unmarried, whether they are in cohabitation or separated. Wisconsin statutes need to catch up with same sex parents being adjudicated the parent of non-marital children.

Wisconsin Paternity

Divorce Of Elderly Spouses

What do people who are 60, 70 or 80 years of age do when their spouse informs them that they want a divorce? What happens when your spouse wants to sell the home you planned to live out your life in as part of the divorce? And then there are the pension, social security and deferred income accounts that were intended to support you throughout your gold years. For an attorney you can trust and who also understands the complexities of your life, call Attorney Kathleen Reiley.

Elderly Spouses Divorce

Unmarried Couples' Disputes

Alternative lifestyle choices can include cohabitation relationships of both opposite sex and same sex partners. These property disputes are not resolved under Wisconsin Marital Property Law or Wisconsin Divorce Law, but rather through Wisconsin contract law. The disputes are resolved in court through negotiation, through mediation and through litigated trials. Attorney Kathy Reiley has been handling alternative dispute methods for more than two decades.


Guardian Ad Litem

Guardians Ad Litem are attorneys. Parties can ask for a GAL in a custody or placement dispute, but ultimately a court orders (appoints) a GAL during a divorce, legal custody, physical placement or grandparent visitation proceeding. The Guardian ad Litem represents the best interests of the child, not necessarily what the child wants or what the parent wants. The GAL serves at the Court's discretion and not at the will of the parties.

Guardian ad Litem


Guardianship is the legal relationship between a person who is adjudicated to be unable to make decisions on his or her own behalf and a person appointed by a court to make those decisions. The guardian is often called a "guardian of the person" The guardian can be of the ward or of the ward's estate.


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