Automobile Valuation

Valuations For The Financial Disclosure Form

Whenever a petition for divorce is filed with the courts, and before a judgment of divorce may be granted, both parties must submit a Financial Disclosure Form, which includes disclosing the value of any automobiles. Below are websites that provide automobile values. To look up the third party sale value of your car, truck, boat, or RV, just click on the links below and enter the relevant information.

Auto Values

Kelly Blue Book
NADA Guides

Are Online Values Valid For Court Documents?

In many cases parties agree to use a printed document from the Internet providing the value of an automobile. . If the parties agree that the information provided in a printed document from an online source is valid, then the value will be accepted by the court. However, if the parties do not agree on the value of an asset, then the parties will have to establish value through an appraisal.

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